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Light Art Biennale Austria 2010 The first „Lightart Biennale Austria 2010“ is a non-commercial exhibition of lightart. There are light-artists as well as visual artists who uses light as an art-medium. The Biennale 2010 is using the slogan „private light in public spaces“. The Lightart-Biennale Austria 2010 starts in autumn 2010 in Austria, consultant is Peet Thomsen (USA/Copenhagen/Linz) and the works are selected by a jury. The start of the Biennale will be September 1st in Linz (OÖ) and September 4th 2010 in Perchtoldsdorf (NÖ), with a final exhibition in Vienna in November 2010. We keep the public informed about the Biennale with a Blog, a Website and a planned printed catalogue. The submissions can be watched on www.lightart-posterous.com. Selected artists and exhibition spaces can be seen on www.lightart-biennale.at. There are 50 artists from 4 continents and 15 countries. Kopie-von-light-art-biennale-lichtkunst-contemporary-art.jpg Exhibitions: Vienna, Perchtoldsdorf "24 Stunden Lichtkunst" - 4. September - artP.kunstverein Franz Josef Straße 1a A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf, www.artp.a-r-t.cc Linz Galerie Wuensch www.artmarket.at / Hideo Iwasaki – Opening 21. August / outdoor Manfred Kielnhofer Artpark contemporary art www.artpark.at 2. Sept. – 30Oct. “Opening 1. Sept. 7pm “ City Galerie www.citygalerie.at 2-11 Sept. Galerie am Schillerpark www.antikhaus.at 2-11 Sept. Innsbruck Galerie Claudiana www.arsnova.at 4-18.Nov.2010 Vienna AREA53 www.area53.name Nov. 2010 The Lightart-Biennale Austria will take place in 2012 again. Curatorial Statement Light Art Biennial Austria 2010 - “Private Art in Public Spaces” I have been asked to be consultant for the Light Art Biennial in Austria. The Biennial is inspired by a similar Biennial, which will be held in the Ruhrgebiet. Austria’s theme for the first Biennial will be “Private Light in Public Spaces”. The name a gentle play on the German Light Art Biennial “Open Light in Private Spaces” The name of the biennial describes the technical medium being used could also be interpreted in another manner. Light art – art without substance, this could be understood as unserious art. It could also be interpreted in another way. Art without substance is art about the immaterial. The object can be seen but never touched. But is it unserious? Milan Kundera wrote a book called “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” – And so comes the heavy part of the project. Light is about life – without light there is no life. The light of the sun fuels the planet. Light is a symbol used in churches for life itself. Some catholic churches begin their midnight Easter services in darkness. Then when the light of the rising sun comes through the stained glass window the worshippers light candles. The light then goes from one person to the next. This is how life and energy works. The seed of the man impregnates the woman and thus begins a new life. But the energy is there before. – the burning desire of the individuals for each other – this energy is the fuel of life. When we look to the sun as for example Olafur Eliasens: “Sun” at the Tate Modern we find calmness. We are reassured that everything is all right. So is it with light art – we find a space for solace and contemplation or just a pleasing view – whatever we find – we are enriched – such is the nature of light art. Linz is the perfect venue for a departure into an area filled with light art. When you arrive in Linz by boat you are greeted by several great examples of light art. Lentos Art Museum and Ars Electronica Center each on their own side of the Danube with light incorporated into their facades. Lentos the older building and is probably the inspiration for the facade of Ars is at night a pattern of blue light which at night with its reflection in the Danube is absolutely beautiful. The Ars Electronica Center with its every changing display is a real experience. But there are also other lights incorporated in the architecture, which are truly pleasing to the eye. The bridge across the Danube is also worth noticing. Thus with the palate wetted and greeted by the city of Linz we can step off the boat and begin to explore the city of Linz and the artworks placed into the public spaces by the artists of the festival. Peet Thomsen Organisation: Martina Schettina, Manfred Kielnhofer Consultant: Peet Thomsen NY / Copenhagen Curator: Laura Plana Gracia ES “last call for artists” info@lightart-biennale.com Deadline is September 1st Best www.lightart-biennale.com ARTPARK contemporary art Wienerstrasse 44, 4020 Linz, Austria http://artpark.at galerie@artpark.at 0043 680 1231059

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  • Manfred Kielnhofer
  • Manfred Kielnhofer 
Manfred Kielnhofer (geb. 28. Jänner 1967 in Haslach an der Mühl) ist ein österreichischer Maler, Bildhauer und Fotograf. 
Kielnhofer absolvierte 1989 den Werkmeister Betriebstechnik und besuchte anschließend die Höhe
  • Manfred Kielnhofer Manfred Kielnhofer (geb. 28. Jänner 1967 in Haslach an der Mühl) ist ein österreichischer Maler, Bildhauer und Fotograf. Leben Kielnhofer absolvierte 1989 den Werkmeister Betriebstechnik und besuchte anschließend die Höhe